How do I get to Maitland Gaol?

Maitland Gaol is located at 6-18 John Street, East Maitland. Click here for more information and directions. 

How much do tours cost?

There are a number of different tour types available. Click here to view tour times, dates and prices.

Does the Gaol have disabled access?

The majority of the Gaol is accessible with assistance. See the disabled access and facilities page for further information.

How much of the Gaol do you get to see on the self guided audio tour?

Self guided audio tours have access to all public areas of the Gaol, similar to those accessed by the guided tours. The only limitation is to those floors above ground level in the cell blocks however access is available to the area above the kitchen. Only limited access to upper levels of the cell blocks may occur during the guided tours.

Do you still do tours when it is raining?

All tours proceed regardless of inclement weather. Visitors are reminded to dress appropriately for the conditions.

Are there guided tours?

There are a range of public and private guided tours available. For a full list of tour types available, please click here.

Are there lots of stairs on the tours?

The kitchen workers cells and the chapel are the only two areas which require visitors to climb a flight of stairs. All other areas are accessible from the ground level.

Are children allowed on tours?

Children’s tickets are available for all tours other than the Psychic, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal tours, however some tours are not recommended for children under the age of 14 years due to their content.  

Do I have to make a reservation or call ahead for tickets to the tours?

Tickets to all public guided tours are limited, and as such it is recommended that people book in advance to avoid disappointment. If tickets are still available for public day tours, these will be sold up until the time of the tour at the Gaol reception. All night tours however must be pre-booked as tickets cannot be purchased at the gate on the evening of the tour. Tickets for day and evening tours can be purchased online with print at home options which allow customers to purchase tickets for evening tours up to the time of the tour, using a mobile device to provide the guide with the appropriate ticket.

Where is the Blackbird Artisan Bakery?

Blackbird Artisan Bakery is located in the old Warder’s Amenities, which is located outside the Gaol a short distance past the main entrance with access from John Street. Being external to the Gaol main entrance, Blackbird is accessible outside normal Gaol operating hours and is open early for breakfast, lunch and is available for evening group functions including dinners and tours. Click here to read more about Blackbird Artisan Bakery. 

Are there toilets at the Gaol?

There are several toilets available for use in and around the Gaol site. Visitors are reminded that all toilets within the cells are decommissioned, and unable to be used. 

Is there somewhere to sit whilst doing a tour?

For visitors with limited mobility, there are a number of areas around the site where people can sit whilst they listen to the tours, or simply to take a short break.

Can I bring my dog to the Gaol?

With the exception of assistance dogs, no pets are permitted into Maitland Gaol.