Ghost Hunting 101

If you've experienced a ghost tour and want to step up to the next level, our Ghost Hunting 101 nights are perfect.

The night starts with a briefing, before you learn the basics on how to use the K2 Meters and voice recorders. You'll experience a vigil, an era cue, use a spirit box, and have time to chat, talk about experiences and have discussion on the topics of ghosts, poltergeists and residual and intelligent hauntings. 

Learn about it and then try it out as you hunt for ghosts across the site and in the cells, you even have the opportunity to do some investigating on your own.

The group numbers are limited to allow a more personal experience with Renata Daniel from Newcastle Ghost Tours who will guide you through the night.

This tour is only available for people aged 15 years and older.


$50 per person 


First Friday of each month except November and December (subject to site bookings)


9.00pm October - April and 8.00pm May - September


2 hours (approx.) 

Bookings essential.


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what our customers thought of this tour


'I loved the whole experience. I've always been interested in the supernatural. Recommend Ghost Hunting 101 to everyone!'

'I enjoyed the tour it was awesome. I had photos with anomalies in them as well as videos with the same'

'It was a great couple of hours. Loved being able to use the equipment'