Crimes of Passion

Hear the real life Crimes of Passion that ended in incarceration at Maitland Gaol or worse.

Crimes of Passion, they shock and horrify us, but in almost equal measure they intrigue us. The stories are entwined with love, suspicion, greed and envy with almost all culminating in a brutal ending. Available only by torchlight, this tour is sure to leave you with the urge to double check your doors are locked at night.

Please note that the information presented in this tour may be confronting for people of all ages, it includes adult themes, coarse language, violent and sexual references. As such children under the age of 15 years are not permitted on this tour. 

This tour runs for approximately 90 minutes.


Adults: $35
Concession: $30


Held on the second Saturday of every month (subject to site bookings). Click here for a list of available dates and times. Bookings essential.


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what our Customers thought of the tour

'I wasn’t really sure what to expect of this new tour but I found the content really interesting and very well presented.'

'I enjoyed this tour more than the ghost tour.' 

'I think it will be very popular especially due to the fact the stories are from the local area which make it more enticing to learn about the area they are either visiting or are actually residents of.'

'I loved the specific stories about characters that have stayed in this facility.'