Private Groups

Private group tours are available outside of regular day and night tour times, depending on the groups requirements.

It is a perfect tour and venue for groups such as car clubs, social groups or Probus clubs. Minimum group sizes of 15 pax on day tours and 20 pax on night tours apply. The following themed tours are available for private groups.

Click here for further information on pricing and available private group tours. 


A 90 minute escorted tour through the site from the perspective of those responsible for operating the facility. Be warned, there are some stories which are not for the faint hearted.

150 Years Under Lock and Key

Immerse yourself in the history of Maitland Gaol on this 90 minute tour, discovering stories about all sorts of heroes and villains.


A 90 minute tour that has been specially designed and explores the various stories behind some of the documented escapes from Australia’s longest continuously operating correctional facility, Maitland Gaol. The stories of amazing escapes from the unbelievable and amazing to the ludicrous will amaze you.

Psychic Experience

Be ready for some truly mystifying tales, the answers to which you can decide for yourself. We don’t guarantee any ghostly activity, but many visitors experience an eerie feeling. If you are lucky, there may be time for a palm reading or two at the end of the tour. This tour is best experienced via torchlight.

Ghost Hunting 101

If you have been on ghost tours and are ready to step up to the next level, our Ghost Hunting 101 nights are perfect for you. Starting with the simple basics of using K2 Meters and voice recorders, the group will then hunt for ghosts around the site and in the cells to see what they can find. This tour is only available during the evenings.

Crimes of Passion

Listen to Maitland Gaol come to life with a series of stories focused around Crimes of Passion that ended in incarceration at the gaol or worse. The stories are entwined with love, suspicion, greed and envy with almost all culminating in a brutal ending.