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Family Research

A selection of records relating to former prisoner can be accessed through Maitland Gaol

People undertaking family history research at times come across a former Maitland Gaol prisoner in their tree. Maitland Gaol has experienced staff that can assist you in finding information about a family member or previous prisoner that had a relationship with Maitland Gaol. This research is undertaken for an hourely fee and the information is provided, along with a transcript and explanation. 
The physical records are held by the NSW State Archives office and copies are accessible free of charge at Kingswood, Sydney.

Please note: An embargo period of 70 years exists on Corrective Services records, which means records newer than the mid-1940s are unavailable to researchers. Information ranging from the 1940s up until the sites closure in 1998 can be applied for under the Freedom of Information Act and additional information can be found here

If you would like Maitland Gaol to undertake the research for you please complete ResearchEnquiryFormInteractive-201705 and return it to us at [email protected]

Former Staff

Some research has been undertaken on former staff of Maitland Gaol. Unfortunately due to the nature of record keeping in the early period of the Gaol’s history this information is harder to find. If you’re after information about former staff an excellent place to start is two publications completed by Dr Pamela Harrison, titled ‘Life and Death in Maitland Gaol – The First 20 years 1849 – 1869′ or ‘Confined But Free – The Female Staff of Maitland Gaol in the 19th Century’. 
Maitland Gaol staff may be able to assist with your enquiry, please get in touch or complete the form above.

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