Family Research

Are you looking to research a family member who may have been a former inmate or staff member at Maitland Gaol?

 For a small fee staff have the knowledge and experience to look in the right places and will be able to provide you with information to complement your own research

Former Inmates

Maitland Gaol has experienced staff that can assist you in finding information  about a family member or previous prisoner that had a relationship with Maitland Gaol.

Unfortunately an embargo period of 70 years exists on Corrective Services records, which means records newer than the mid-1940's are unavailable to researchers. Information ranging from the 1940's up until the sites closure in 1998 can be applied for under the freedom of information act and additional information can be found here 

Former Staff

Research for publications is regularly occurring between Maitland Gaol and its partners. Currently we are searching for information and images in relation to former staff, more specifically female staff that worked in Maitland Gaol. If you have someone like that in your family tree and you’d be happy to share your story please get in touch by using the form or by email