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A selection of the Maitland Gaol Collection has been digitised

Through acquisition and donation Maitland Gaol has acquired a small but significant collection. Currently a number of the collection items have been digitised for public access, and we hope this enhanced public access with ignite discussions about the sites history and conservation. The digitisation project is ongoing and additional items will be added in the future.

The Maitland Gaol Collection began at the time of the sites closure in Janurary 1998, and a large number of the highly significant items are fixed. Since that time the collection has been added to by donation and acquisition of items as they have become available. A large portion of the donated items belong to former officers or their families, who wish to ensure the legacy of their employment is not forgotten. We are deeply grateful for this generosity, and hope that as the digital collection is built further stories will be told about individuals and life behind bars, whether in blue or green. 

This extensive digitisation project would not be possible without the support of Maitland City Council and the New South Wales Government Regional Cultural Fund.

Further research and significant assessments have been undertaken on a number of Maitland Gaol items. These items and their stories are also accessible via the Museums and Galleries NSW Storyplace website. The Storyplace website unlocks a large number of collections from across New South Wales, many for the first time to the public. As other Maitland collections are digitised, you will find a range of historical hightlights relevant to our area via Storyplace.

If you’d like more information about an item in the collection, to donate an item or to get access to an item for research purposes, please contact us.

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