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There are five themed guided tours available. Experience the personal accounts of an ex-warder, learn about the historic past on the 150 years under lock and key tour, or hear of daring escapes from this maximum security prison. You can also choose to chase the supernatural on our Ghost Hunting 101 tour and Psychic Experience tours.

Public guided tours run regularly on weekends at 11.00am and Saturday evenings at 8.00pm. Other tours are scheduled subject to demand, click here for a complete list of public guided tours and to view available dates and times of the tours. Click here to view the public guided tour flyer.

Call 02 4936 6482, email or find out now by searching for your next guided tour here. Read more about each themed tour by clicking below.

Ex-Warder150 years under lock and keyEscapes

A Psychic ExperienceGhost Hunting 101Crimes of Passion

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