The daily routine

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day in gaol? Here is a basic daily routine of how a prisoner would have spent their day when behind bars at Maitland Gaol.

7.00am Inmates released from cell, morning muster, collect breakfast before being locked back into cells. 
8.00am Inmates released from cells to the exercise yards.  

8.30am Selected inmates released from yards to workshops, e.g. Saddlery, Tailor's Shop and Laundry.  

9.00am Inmates permitted access to library, education, training courses, counselling and phone calls.  

11.30am Lunchtime Muster, inmates locked in their cells to eat lunch. 

12.30pm Inmates released to exercise yards and workshops.  

2.00pm Shower Block open.  

3.00pm Workshops close and those inmates to shower blocks.  

4.00pm Inmates to yards with cells open for cleaning.  

4.30pm Evening muster.  

5.10pm Inmates take dinner to their cells and are secured for the night. 

11.00pm Lights out.